*PLEASE NOTE: The Unlimited Mom Mastermind is only eligible for those who have completed the ELI Assessment. CLICK HERE for more info.
You know the importance of discernment, accountability, and a like-minded community to sustain an focused, energized, and proactive mindset but have you ensured you have it?
The Unlimited Mom Mastermind is here for YOU!
Virtual support and a monthly group coaching call to help you navigate your challenges, process your insights, and identify next steps to make your hustle flow.
Gain new friends and biz connections who you know are invested in doing their self work to own their life and grow their business and who speak the same mindset language.
Gain accountability support for the shifts you're making in a safe, understanding space with a tribe ready to cheer you on without judgement. 
Access virtual training and support as well as guest experts to advance your awareness and mindset toolkit
When you want to stay physically fit, you keep exercising even when you're done working with the personal trainer and you keep eating healthy even when you're done with the cleansing diet.

Your mindset fitness needs and deserves the same.

BTW - Whether it's physical or mindset, we all know it's way more fun to make and sustain shifts with a supportive tribe who "gets it".

1 x Group coaching call per month
To maintain an intimate group, calls are capped at 12 participants (don't worry, there will be enough sessions for the entire mastermind group!) These calls are your opportunity to navigate challenges with laser coaching and learn from hearing other members discover solutions to their own challenges. 
Facebook Community
Tap into the tribe! This private community is here to support you, provide inspiration and help with accountability. This is a safe space to reach out for virtual coaching from Valerie and support from other entrepreneurial Moms who speak the same mindset language.
Custom Mindset Training
Monthly deep dive mindset training AND as requested to help you harness the awareness you received from the ELI assessment, coaching, Mindset Reset course, etc. to help you continue to implement these tools in your life.
Guest Experts
Learn from hand-picked guest experts who will build on our common mindset language in their area of expertise to help further your personal and business growth. 
As mastermind member, you'll have access to jump on a 1-1 clarity coaching call to address any area you'd like additional coaching support around for only $97/call (normally $200)

You also receive a 50% discount on the Mindset Reset course (normally $197)
Membership Options
$47 /month
  • Access to 1 group coaching call per month
  • Private Facebook group community w/ virtual coaching support
  • Discounts on private coaching.
  • 50% discount on the "Mindset Reset" course
  • Cancel at any time
$470 /year
  • Access to 1 group coaching call per month
  • Private Facebook group community  w/virtual coaching support
  • Discounts on private coaching.
  • FREE access to the "Mindset Reset" course
  • Annual membership saves you $94
Hey Again!
By now we know each other fairly well.

I would love nothing more than to welcome you to my new mastermind.

We both know that life happens and new situations bring new "growth opportunities".

I want to help you keep that mindset muscle strong with the coaching, resources, and community it takes to stay accountable and proactive in  creating the life you WANT to live, YOUR way.

I know you're going to LOVE this space and make some amazing connections with like-minded (or should I say mindsetted) entrepreneurial moms.

Much love, 
Is this for you?
The Unlimited Mom Mastermind is for you if...
You've invested in support to expand your self-awareness. (minimum requirement is the the ELI Assessment)
You believe in the power of a connected community and love to encourage and be encouraged by other women.
You know accountability is key to maintain healthy patterns and keep growing yourself.
You want a safe space of women that "get it" to hold you up as you continue to stretch your comfort-zone.
You're ready to ask for help as much as you are willing to give it without judgment (that means of yourself too).
You're willing and able to keep doing the self-work to help you grow as a Mom and entrepreneur.
Developing new patterns of being is like learning a new language, you need to practice to maintain your ability and gradually ingrain the awareness shift.
The Unlimited Mom Mastermind gives you the tribe to support you on your journey - and guess what? they're practicing this new language too. They know that it isn't always easy, and are here to cheer you on every step of the way.
*PLEASE NOTE: The Unlimited Mom Mastermind is only eligible for those who have completed the ELI Assessment. CLICK HERE for more info.